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This blog will generally be about me as a writer and lecturer in Creative Writing, living and writing in Orkney.  I love to celebrate the work of past students. I will also, get the chance to show you what current students are working on and showcase work they are publishing. There will be many, many photos of beautiful scenery, sunsets and seascapes as well as the dogs, cakes and knitting. I am lucky to live in such an amazing place and love to show off the landscape and the unique experience of living as part of an island community. Occasionally, there will be tips on writing, or I will share something new I’ve learnt that supports the writing life. I believe that we never stop growing and learning as creatives and we should approach our craft with humility, curiosity and an open mind.

It has taken me a while to get back to writing fiction. Creating and setting up a new degree was both rewarding and time consuming, but it also meant I had little brain-space left over for my own work. However, I never stopped making notes, starting off projects and journaling and now I am making progress with a new novel, so we will see how that goes.

The view from my window and my dogs, Mollie and Alfie.

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Writer and Programme Leader for the degree in Creative Writing at University of Highlands & Islands

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