Is your novel the end of the rainbow?

We are in October, so there’s just one month to go before many, many of us will be sitting down to attempt the crazy that is Nanowrimo – National Novel in a Month. Is your novel the end of your rainbow? The one thing you’d like to get done before the end of the…

November means Nanowrimo

November is National Novel Writing Month and as the beginning of the winter season – the time to hunker down and get creative.Nanowrimo began in 1999 as an online challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I first did it in 2007 and then again a few years later as a way of getting the…

Time to Write

How often have we heard that worn out cliché? ‘I’d write a book, if only I had the time.’ As if that was the only reason anyone didn’t write a book. I even hear writing students, claim, ‘I can’t find the time to write!’ They’re not alone in this, nearly all writers feel that the…

Introduction and Hello

This blog will generally be about me as a writer and lecturer in Creative Writing, living and writing in Orkney.  I love to celebrate the work of past students. I will also, get the chance to show you what current students are working on and showcase work they are publishing. There will be many, many…

About Me

Dr. Sara Bailey is an author and programme leader for creative writing at the University of the Highlands and the Islands.

This blog will give writing tips, updates on life in Orkney, often pictures of sunsets, sea, sky, and of course the dogs. It will also be a place where I celebrate the work of my students past and present, and where, occasionally, I will write about my own process.

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